Several years ago I devised an innovative eating method that helped me shed 40 pounds in about 9 months. It was by chance that my regularly-scheduled lunch was interrupted between bites as I drove to work, stopping to eat only at red lights. I realized when I arrived at work that half of my meal was left and I was FULL!

This event was life-changing and inspired me to experiment with different patterns of eating and waiting, until I found a method that worked perfectly for me. It was better than ANY diet I’d ever tried, and after using for a few weeks, my fast eating reflex was broken for good.

In those days, I relied on my watch and sweep second hand to time all my eating method. With the advent of mobile devices, it made total sense to develop a mobile application that is much more powerful. I call it GoMinute™.

GoMinute™ helps promote healthier food choices and better digestion from a more enjoyable, slower pace of eating. Because you wait a minute between bites, it’s like a super-charged taste experience, where every bite is like the very first!

My desire also, is to build a website with support and tips about food and excercise, and a social presence where people can share their experiences and connect.

I look forward to seeding early funders with the beta version for iPhone, and get feedback to perfect the application for wide audience.

Please Visit the GoMinute™ landing page for more information and updates in the future.

Funding will got towards extensive testing, including inviting small focus groups to eat meals together using the method, and get immediate feedback. We will ask them to follow up, checking in to see if they continued to use the method and gather results. The other effort is Android development.

I am lowering the goal to $5,000.00 seeing if that will be enought to “kick-start” things and then later follow with more evidence and and an Android beta to expand our customer base.

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